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Asawanonda Residence

The Asawanonda Residence is the fourth house in the family compound. The houses are joined and separated by a carefully designed landscape.

The house design responds to the tropical climate by implementing a passive solar design strategy for all its functional areas. The courtyard gardens, intended to be viewed from within the house, play a central role in its overall spatial configuration. Each area of its public, semi-public, semi-private, and private zones is appropriately located around these pleasant and shady courtyard gardens to achieve its appropriate privacy, natural ventilation, and natural light.

The lengthy perimeter wall allows ample openings for views, enough natural ventilation, and enough natural light for each area to create a light and bright ambiance for the residents.

The building is a reinforced concrete structure; its exterior materials are white limestone, grey limestone, grey ceramic tile, white painted plaster, wood, insulated low-E glass with powder-coated aluminum frames, satin stainless steel, transparent tempered glass; its interior materials are wood, homogeneous tile, white painted plaster, satin stainless steel, and transparent temper glass.

Double-skin facades, insulation materials, insulated low-E glass, wood brise-soleil, long eave roofs, and the surrounding trees protect the house against heat.

Various materials converging with refined details create the house's identity. The white and grey limestone facades in uneven patterns give it a relaxing character. The slender satin stainless steel and wood or transparent tempered glass handrails strengthen its light and bright theme. These physical and spatial design elements and their arrangements allow the house to breathe, let the light enter, and get a shady shadow.




Bangkok, Thailand


580 sq.m.

Collaborative Designers:

Engineering Design: Seri Consulting Engineers
Interior Decoration Design: Associate Professor Piyanun Prasarnrajakit
Landscape Architectural Design: Landscape Architects 49 Limited

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