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Scope of Services

​​Research, Planning, and Design

Architecture . Interior Architecture . Urban and Rural Development

Project Facility Programming

Project Feasibility Study

Architectural Design

Interior Architectural Design

Urban and Rural Development Planning and Design


For each built environment project, we discreetly and profoundly work on factors affecting the quality of our design, which are: functions; physical characteristics condition, climate condition, and context condition of the project site; practical technology of structure, architectural and decorative elements, materials, and environmental control; social norms and spirit of the place – tradition and culture, and regulations and restrictions; visual aesthetics; and financial aspects of building cost and maintenance cost, with proper and complete procedures, to create a livable place with good quality of sustainability, hygiene, and energy efficiency; and unique aesthetic of form, details, and ambiance to nurture and enrich the lives of the users and enhance the environment. Furthermore, we fully collaborate with various built environment designers and specialists who aim and commit to an artistic, innovative, and unique design.


Compo Architects Co., Ltd.

172/20 Pridi Banomyong 20 (Panichkul)

Sukhumvit 71 Road

Prakanong Nua, Wattana 

Bangkok 10110


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