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Choksombatchai Residence Renovation and Extension

The Choksombatchai Residence renovation and extension project aims to modify its character and ambiance into an airier and livelier one. The owners prefer to change the house's monotone color to a multi-color place. Some parts of its interior are adjusted to suit new functional requirements. The extended covered terrace is for outdoor activities.

The facades of the sitting area and dining area are modified to have large glass openings to allow more natural light to penetrate inside the house and to see a larger view of the garden.

The house's extended covered terrace is a painted steel structure; the exterior materials are a metal roof, painted steel, wood, painted plaster, and clear float glass with wood frames; the interior materials are wood, homogeneous tiles, polished cement, and white painted plaster.

The new pond and shady garden will help build a cooler micro-climate for the compound. The terrace floor and ceiling are clad in wood to create a warm ambiance for the residents. The steel structure and the overhung roof give a sense of airy. The terrace ceiling pattern and details help connect the residents' vision inside the house to the garden outside.




Bangkok, Thailand

Residence Extension

200 sq.m.

Collaborative Designers:

Engineering Design: Qbic Engineers and Architects
Landscape Architectural Design: Field Landscape Studio

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