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Cosmo Group Headquarters

Cosmo Group Headquarters is an office for a high-quality packaging company. The company prefers to have a simple, neat, and modern building. The functional area requirements are an office, canteen, and outdoor plaza for staff activities and recreation. The canteen is in the basement, the office is on the ground floor to the sixth floor with some floors linking to each other via a vertical void at the lobby or common area, and the executive office is on the seventh floor with an outdoor terrace.

The building is a reinforced concrete structure; exterior materials are granite, aluminum composite panels, tempered glass, satin stainless steel, and low-E glass with powder-coated aluminum frames; interior materials are granite, homogeneous ceramic tiles, tempered glass, satin stainless steel, and painted plaster.

The combinations of materials and the refined details of its exterior facades and interior give the building a simple, neat, and modern character. The black aluminum composite panel mass emphasizes the building's entrance location. The entrance porch's double-story high space visually continues into the entrance atrium welcoming the building users.




Bangkok, Thailand


5100 sq.m.

Collaborative Designers:

Engineering Design: Qbic Engineers and Architects

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