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Koyi Residence

The Koyi Residence is a service apartment building situated near Suthep Mountain. Various apartment types, consisting of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, are from the second floor to the seventh floor. Each apartment unit can view Suthep Mountain. The open vertical voids are placed in the building for air ventilation to provide each apartment unit with natural ventilation. For common facilities, the fitness room and the swimming pool, which generally can be used by fewer people at a time, are located on the ground leve; the recreation terrace and garden, which generally can be used by many people at a time, are on the roof deck, which has a view of Suthep Mountain and the surrounding area.

The design aims to give the building a local character by cladding its modern exterior facades, decorating its common area's interior, and decorating its apartment unit's interior mainly with northern-made materials.

The building is a reinforced concrete and steel structure; its exterior materials are northern-made earth-tone unglazed terra-cotta tiles, polished cement, painted plaster, low-E glass with powder-coated aluminum frames, tempered glass, and satin stainless steel; its common areas' interior materials are wood, silver leaf plate, painted plaster, local-made fabrics, and northern-made earth-tone unglazed terra-cotta tiles; its residential unit interior materials are wood, painted plaster, and northern-made earth-tone unglazed terra-cotta tiles.

This local character apartment applies suitable tropical design strategies and has a tropical ambiance and a dramatic view of Suthep Mountain for its residents.




Chiang Mai, Thailand

Service Apartment

3200 sq.m.

Collaborative Designers:

Engineering Design: Qbic Engineers and Architects

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