Vatanayothin Residence

The Vatanayothin Residence is a tropical house in Mee Por Farm, an agricultural farm with a view of a mountain at its east. Its lower floor is for agricultural product sorting and management; the upper floor is for living; thus, the entrance porch is set at the middle level between the lower and upper floor for convenience of the owners. According to this level arrangement, the entrance porch's surrounding soil is made as a low mound enclosing a part of the lower floor. All the main areas of the house are oriented to have natural ventilation, natural light, and views of the pond, plants and trees in the farm, and the mountain behind them.

The entrance porch walls is cladded in wood. The facades of the sitting and dining areas are enclosed with high glass openings with wood frames to give it a full-height views outside. These wood elements give the house a warm character and intimacy toward its surrounding man-made nature.

The building is in a reinforced concrete structure; its exterior materials are polished cement, exposed concrete columns, white painted plaster, wood, clear float glass with wood frames, and cement roof tiles; its interior materials are wood, homogeneous tile, and white painted plaster.




Phetchaburi, Thailand


410 sq.m.

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