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Metee Rasamee

Principal Architect


- Certificate of Participation in LEED and WELL building standard training program, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

- Master of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

- Certificate in Real Estate Development (R.E.C.U.), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand (with Best Development Project Award - Residential Condominium)

- Master of Architecture (with Distinction), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. (Final Project selected into College of Architecture and Urban Planning Archives)

- Bachelor of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

Past Profession

- Advisor to Physical Development Committee for Museum Lampang Establishment, Museum Lampang, Lampang, Thailand

- Advisor to Physical Development Committee, Museum Siam, Bangkok, Thailand

- Visiting Faculty, Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

- Visiting Faculty, Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

- Senior Architect, Design 103 Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

- Senior Architect, Assistant to Managing Director, Associate, Architects 49 Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

- Architect, Architect Co-Partnership Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand

Past Professional Organization Activities

- Subcommittee of Professional Practice, The Architect Council of Thailand

- Vice President of Professional Practice, The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

- Chairman of Profession Dissemination and Promotion Committee, The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

- Professional Practice Committee, The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

- Chairman of Design Competition Committee, The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

Past Professional Experience

Principal Architect, Compo Architects Co. Ltd.


- Wongwittawat Residence Renovation and Extension, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Tangtiang Residence Renovation and Extension, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Vatanayothin Residence, Phetchaburi, Thailand. (under Construction)

- Sumanapun Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Bulakul Residence, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Choksombatchai Residence Renovation and Extension, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Kijkool Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Design Development completed)

- Singhatorach Residence, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Chew Residence, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Asawanonda Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (Interior Decoration by Associate Professor Piyanant Prasarnrajkit (Construction completed)

- Srihong Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Prasarnrajkit Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (Interior Decoration by Associate Professor Piyanant Prasarnrajkit (Construction completed)

- Ruenghirun Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Suwanpanich Residence, Supanburi, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Panichsakul Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction Completed)

- Cheewarattanapund Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction Documents completed)

- Cheewarattanapund Residence, Lampang, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Bann Lad Pla Kao, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Leelapanyalert Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Laosutthi Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)


- Matrix Condominium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Able Condominium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Koyi Residence, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- The Kumpun Condominium, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- Segi Enclave International Student Condominium, Ipoh, Malaysia. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Sarithorn Housing Estate, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction Document completed)

- Bangkok Boulevard Housing Estate Ramintra, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Land & Houses Muang Mai Estate, Phuket, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Bureerat Boutique Hotel, Lampang, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- D2 Hotel, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Cosmo Group Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Desa Building, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- Mini Office Building, Bangkok, Thailand. (Preliminary Design completed)

- DTAC Call Center, Samutrprakarn, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Big C Nongjok, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Big C Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Big C Fashion Island, Bangkok, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Paradon Stationery, Lampang, Thailand. (IA, Design Development completed)

- Image Optic, Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Gold Shop, Petchabun, Thailand. (IA, Construction completed)

- Fong Lee Building, Lampang, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- The Oriental Fine Art, Phuket, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Heritage Collection Gallery, Phuket, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- BMW Training Center, Bangkok, Thailand. (Preliminary Design completed)

Recreation and Sport

- Haryak Hornarika Public Square and Park, Lampang, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Laddarom Ramkamhaeng Clubhouse, Bangkok, Thailand. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Prukpirom Regent Clubhouse, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- KSS Building, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Puteri Habour Development, Johor, Malaysia. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Viendong Meridian Tower, Danang, Vietnam. (Design Competition Entry)

- Mixed-use Building on Rachadapisek, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)

- Chayathorn Building, Bangkok, Thailand. (Construction completed)

- Muang Mai Chrysler Showroom and Muang Mai Building, Phuket, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Kindergarten, Arunothai School, Lampang, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Museum Building Renovation at Museum Siam, Bangkok, Thailand. (Design Competition Entry)

- Creative Learning and Recreation Center (Printing Building Renovation and Extension), Bank of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand. (in collaboration with First Floor Architects, Bangkok, Thailand, Design Competition Entry)

- Rakvere Vabaduse Square and Arvo Part Concert Hall Rakvere, Estonia. (Design Competition Entry)

- Museum Siam Auditorium, Bangkok, Thailand. (Design Competition Entry)

- Bangkok Contemporary Art Museum, Bangkok, Thailand. (Design Competition Entry)


- The Sacred Heart Church, Chiangmai, Thailand. (Construction completed)


- Ratchasima Green Starch Factory, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. (Design Development completed)

- Mae Noi Paste Factory, Chiangrai, Thailand. (Construction Documents completed)


- BTS Green Line Station, Bangkok, Thailand. (Design Competition Entry, Second Prize Award)

Project Architect, Design 103 Ltd.


- Power P Building, North Park, Bangkok, Thailand. 10-storey office building. 30,140.00 sq.m. (Design Development completed)

- Q House Sathorn Building, Bangkok, Thailand. 19-storey rental office building. 27,000.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)


- Home Pro, Rangsit, Bangkok, Thailand. Superstore for home decorative products and equipments. 14,580.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)

- Fashion Island Shopping Center, Bangkok, Thailand. 4-storey shopping complex: department stores, amusement park, theaters, exhibition hall, food court, retail shops and mall, and car park. 358,000.00 sq.m. (in collaboration with RDG Planning and Design Inc., Toronto, Canada), (Construction completed)


- Tum Nak Thai Development, Bangkok, Thailand. Shopping center and rental office building. 332,800.00 sq.m. (Preliminary Design completed)

- Krung Thai Bank Headquarters and Riverside Residential Condominium, Bangkok, Thailand. 49-storey office building, banking hall, supporting facilities, and 35-storey residential condominium. 311,800.00 sq.m., The Office of H.M. Private Property and Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd. (Construction Documents completed)

- Aroon Nakorn Complex, Bangkok, Thailand . Shopping center and residential condominium. 574,000.00 sq.m. (Preliminary Design completed)

Project Architect, Architects 49 Ltd.


- Techapiboon Residence, Bangkok, Thailand. 2-storey residence. 1,660.00 sq.m. (Design Development completed)

- Baripatra Residence, Huahin, Prajuabkirikan, Thailand. 3-storey resort residence. 2,440.00 sq.m. (Construction Documents completed)

- Sucharitkul Residence, Navathani, Bangkok, Thailand. 2-storey residence. 820.00 sq.m. (Construction completed) - Lumsum Residence, Green Valley, Samutrprakarn, Thailand. 2-storey residence. 1,040.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)


- Panya Resort Condominium, Chonburi, Thailand. 23-storey and 2 27-storey residential condominiums. 47,700.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)


- Kao Yai Hotel, Saraburi, Thailand. 3-storey 120 guestroom resort hotel. 19,200.00 sq.m. Tourism Authority of Thailand. (Design Competition Entry)

- Shangri-La Hotel, Krungthep Wing, Bangkok, Thailand. 14-storey 120 guestroom hotel, 11-storey office building, and 10-storey car park. 51,650.00 sq.m. (in collaboration with Kanko Kikaku Sekkeisha International Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan). (Construction completed)


- Ploenchit Office Building, Bangkok, Thailand. 12-storey rental office building. 12,680.00 sq.m. (Preliminary Design completed)

- A49-P49 Building, Bangkok, Thailand. Design office extension. 380.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)

- Thai Life Insurance, Phitsanulok, Thailand. Branch office. 775.00 sq.m. (Construction Documents completed)

- Oriflame Office Building, Bangkok, Thailand. 30-storey rental office building. 40,000.00 sq.m. (Construction completed)

Recreation and Sport

- 700 Year Sport Center, Chiangmai, Thailand. Main stadium, indoor stadium, swimming and diving pool, tennis courts, shooting range, office, athletes residence, and maintenance area. 187,500.00 sq.m., Sport Authority of Thailand. (Design Competition Entry)

Metee Rasamee
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